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*TEMPORARILY CLOSING UNTIL WE GET AN ACCURATE INVENTORY COUNT - regular paperbacks are available on Amazon.  We’re working on getting a secondary special edition up on Amazon, which is already available in some countries(not the United States).

This is the special edition paperback of Carving for Cara by Melissa McSherry and Dana LeeAnn.

Here's what the special edition includes:

  • Black pages, white text
  • Gold foil on the spine
  • Signed by Dana LeeAnn
  • Signed bookplate by Melissa McSherry

*Fedex lost Melissa’s bookplates, so we are looking into replacements/an alternative.  Please be patient.

*Regular copies and ebook are available on Amazon

He is my predator, and I am his prey. Tonight, he is starving for a taste of what’s his.

It was Halloween, my favorite time of the year. I had my dream job as a tattoo artist, a loyal best friend, and an ex who happily tended to my needs without complicating our arrangement with feelings.

Everything was going great until Devil’s Night when the masked man watched me from the shadows like a predator stalking his next meal, and that’s what I was: his prey.

Like any natural-born predator, he was bloodthirsty, staking his claim to me before I could see the face behind his mask. He wasn’t afraid to kill for a bite of what he craved, even if it meant shedding the blood of those closest to me. Once he had a taste, he hungered for more, and the more he needed it, the more I wanted to give it to him.

Tropes Include:

Touch her and die, knife play, stalking, possessive MMC, Halloween, small town, CNC, masked MMC, praise, she’s mine

Trigger Warnings Include:


This book contains(but not limited to) content depicting violence, gore, explicit language, knife play, consensual non-consensual sex, sexual assault, restriction, stalking, mutilation and death of a side character, praise, gagging, excessive force, choking, and explicit sex scenes.

This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Read with caution. Your mental health matters.

The book you are about to read is DARK and not recommended for all readers. Read through the trigger warnings once more, then decide if you should continue on with this book. The content within this book is heavy. You've been warned.

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